New me, new logo!

I've never really "loved" my username Smartpoetic. When I picked it back in 2004, it was based off an old email alias I had used, and I never thought that I would continue to use it. I never felt much "attachment" to it, and I never felt like it represented me, or what I was about.

So with that, I'm officially changing my name to SuperTonic64! I think that this is more representative of who I am (a gamer at heart) and my work (music, orchestrations, and more)! 

Speaking of more, I've been working pretty hard on my Chrono Trigger Orchestrated project. My goal is to reorchestrate every full-length soundtrack from Chrono Trigger -- which is a pretty ambitious (if not crazy) 3 disc project. 

If you are interested in taking a listen, I've included the work I've done so far below:

If you want to read more about this project, check out my working doc on Chrono Trigger Orchestrated here!

<3 SuperTonic64


My Zelda: ALTTP "Imprisoning War" remix was accepted to OCRemix!

*arms flail wildly*

I'm super excited to join OCR as a debut artist, and I'm very happy that djpretzel and Larry Oji took the time to review my submission, and leave some really awesome notes. If you want to read what they had to say, please go here. Also, if you want to check out the remix right here on NG, you can hear it here! NGGGGGGGGH!!! :)


God damn I'm obsessed with Undertale. It's become a bit of a problem hahahaha! If you haven't heard of it, then why the hell are you here!? Go play it now!

Okay, I'm assuming that you have gone and played Undertale and have come back to tell me how awesome it is, so with that said... MUSIC!

First order of business is that I've been working on a lot of Undertale stuff. I haven't been posting all of it to NG though because some of it is just simple re-orchestrations and junk. But if you want to check out what I've done so far on Soundcloud... here ya go!

But there are a few things I wanted to point out:

1. YouTuber iwannabethecollector's Dual Mix of my version/Toby's version of "Home" from Undertale:

It was so ironic how he reached out to me to do this dual mix, as I was listening to his stuff while I was at work beforehand. I'm super happy with the result, and I hope you enjoy the dual mix. Of course, you can also listen to my version here in non-dual mix form.

No 2: ALL THE MEGALOVANIA! Check it out here if you'd like to hear it

Yeah, I know that every remixer and arranger ever has remixed Megalovania, but I wanted to jump on the Sans-wagon because it's just such a cool song to work with. As I mentioned, I haven't posted everything I've done this past month on Newgrounds, but I did post my original remix of Megalovania titled "Jazzlovania" here, and it features some cool (trom)bone and organ solos. !

Speaking of Dual Mixes and Megalovania, I made my own Dual Mix inspired by iwannabethecollector with the original version of Jazzlovania below. This is NOT posted on NG since I used some original samples from Toby's work, but I think it's pretty schaweet nonetheless:

follow my work here on NG my YouTube channel follow me on Soundcloud

That's my artist update for February! :) One other note is that I got promoted at work, so I've been a bit busy in RL, but I'm still actively writing and composing music, so please don't hesitate to , subscribe to , or for more updates.

- SP :)


Hello there! It's been quite a while now since I've updated the last post. So, what have I been doing since you last heard from me? Well, I took a very long hiatus from writing music. Too long, in fact. I kinda just got... busy with things. I finished my music degree (and a journalism degree), and I went to grad school. For marketing. I then moved from Alabama all the way out to Seattle (ish), and I work full-time at a large casual game developer as a small dog (customer support and such). But I truly love my new job, and I love the games industry to death - so I don't mind at all.

Many of you probably have wondered where I have gone, or if I fell off the face of the earth musically. I did for a while. I didn't think about music so much as I thought about graphic design, or surviving grad school. I thought it was just a part of my past, and then the s*** hit the fan, and I realized something: something was missing. I couldn't put my finger on it, but I was extremely unhappy. I even felt sick for reasons I couldn't explain.

And then, I opened Logic Pro and it hit me: I had been missing something all along. Composing music was a part of who I was just as my hands were an extension of my arm, or my big nose was a part of my face.

So I decided to do something. I made an investment in myself. 

I dropped a s***-ton of money on some good sound samples, and I started to write again. I spent hours writing music (at some points forgetting to eat and coming out of it in near starvation), and I started to feel whole again - alive even.

Now I'm back! So hear me out (literally). Don't ever stop doing what you love, just because you think that you don't have time for it. As an old friend once told me, you make time for the things you love. I recently hit 50 audio uploads on the Newgrounds portal, and I'm going for another 50 more!

So with that, feel free to follow my progress. Check out my Newgrounds collection, and follow me on SoundCloud!

Also, if you love Zelda music, I have something special for you then:

The Imprisoning War - The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Remix

Tiara (smartpoetic)

Let's take an extremely opinionated and biased poll, shall we? ;)

According to the definition in the Harvard Concise Dictionary of Music, it states that "classical music" is " popular usage, art or 'serious' music as opposed to popular music (183)."

Many believe that classical music is any music that happens to have some sort of violin instrument or orchestra playing. However, contrary to popular belief, "Hey There Delilah" (with it's crappy violin accompaniment) is NOT classical music.


I believe that classical music is determined by it's style and time period. The classical style really didn't start developing until opera (comic opera, in fact) made its scene in Italy in the in the late 17th to 18th centuries. Classical music usually follows very strict counterpoint rules. Any rules ever violated in music of that time period could not go unbroken without reason.


That means that what many composers are submitting today on Newgrounds (and elsewhere) isn't necessarily "classical" but "neo-classical" music. Since we as composers (or DJs or songwriters or beat-makers or whatever the hell you call yourself) did not obviously live in that time period...then we are not writing music FROM that time period, but INSPIRED by that time period.

And with that, I give you Beethoven, the piano-playing cat:

Newgrounds Audio Junkies (and everyone else who cares): What do you believe is "classical" music?

"Movin' On Up!" [Desperate Composer News #2]

2008-08-06 21:10:54 by SuperTonic64

Finally, after I get my paycheck this weekend, I am getting East West Silver Edition! Yay! ^_^

You see, mainly I use free online soundfonts to write with. However, after years of doing this, I am ready to take the sound of my music to a new level. No, I won't be a better writer, but my music will sound much clearer, and much easier to listen to.

And with that, I leave you a LOLcat. :)

"Movin' On Up!" [Desperate Composer News #2]

So yes, I've lost a hard drive's worth of information--and many more computer programs along with it.

But is it strange to be excited about it? :D

Anywho, as a composer/musician/fellow starving artist, I have decided to take this horrible situation and actually *update* a lot of my stuff, mainly my music library. I didn't bother to save any of the three/four years worth of iTunes files, because I am starting fresh and renewed.

After discussing this with a few of my closest composer buds, I've also decided to get the epic East West sound sample pack. So now, my music won't sound like sh**, but just crap, real-time. :)

And with that useless piece of information, I'm going to take a nap! See you around! ^_^

~Smart (Tiara) :D


The Dark Knight rocked. I saw it twice. D:

You Know You are Crazy When...[Desperate Composer News #1]