Entry #6

Smartpoetic is now SuperTonic64

2017-01-14 22:34:58 by SuperTonic64

New me, new logo!

I've never really "loved" my username Smartpoetic. When I picked it back in 2004, it was based off an old email alias I had used, and I never thought that I would continue to use it. I never felt much "attachment" to it, and I never felt like it represented me, or what I was about.

So with that, I'm officially changing my name to SuperTonic64! I think that this is more representative of who I am (a gamer at heart) and my work (music, orchestrations, and more)! 

Speaking of more, I've been working pretty hard on my Chrono Trigger Orchestrated project. My goal is to reorchestrate every full-length soundtrack from Chrono Trigger -- which is a pretty ambitious (if not crazy) 3 disc project. 

If you are interested in taking a listen, I've included the work I've done so far below:

If you want to read more about this project, check out my working doc on Chrono Trigger Orchestrated here!

<3 SuperTonic64


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